Thank you Julie Christie!

I’ve got a dirty little secret.

I’ve been operating my camera in auto-mode throughout my photographic career thus far.

Shameful, I know!

I’ve got this great camera, it will do amazing things, but I’ve been limiting myself to what it will do in auto-mode.

Not something I’m proud of (although I am proud of the work I have created)!

Now it’s not that I haven’t thought of learning how to operate my camera in manual-mode before. It’s just that most photo experts that I have encountered, even those that offer “beginner courses,” tend to talk way over my head. They might as well be speaking Greek, as far as I can understand.

I would give it a try, and then give up because my head would be swimming in the gobbledygook in no time.

Recently I ran across Julie Christie’s podcast (Tea Break Tog), which beaks down the operation of my camera to the very simplest terms – terms that I can finally comprehend.

And suddenly I get it!!!

Since then I have flipped it to manual mode (and in manual mode I will remain!).

Here’s my first physical result from my manual-mode journey (the first I am willing to share anyway 😉 ) –Manual ModeNot great, I know, but it’s the best I’ve gotten so far.

But here’s what I also know – I will master this camera (I will!), and my photos will only get better from here.

I will be restrained by auto-mode no longer!

Thank you Julie Chrsitie – you rock!!!


5 thoughts on “Thank you Julie Christie!

  1. This absolutely MADE MY DAY!!! Rich I am so delighted that you found the podcast and even more delighted that it has turned you to full manual mode. Now the fun can really begin! Please stay connected so that I can follow your journey. Beautiful sunset image BTW! You rock too… 🙂

    1. Well Julie, what you have to share, and the simplicity to which you break it down, is just what I needed to take my photography to a long overdue new level. I’m excited to see what comes of it, and I am honored that you took the time to read my humble blog and add your uplifting thoughts. I can’t say thank you enough!! 🙂

  2. I learned on a fully manual film camera in 1976 and am so grateful that is the era in which I learned. Manual is my mantra. I have never put any of my cameras in any automatic mode and have been gently persuading students and everyone I encounter with a passion for photography to do the same. Now that you’ve made the switch you can be in control of depth of field, the freezing or revealing of motion, etc. Good for you! Now you will be an image creator, not a picture taker. 🙂

    1. “Now you will be an image creator, not a picture taker.” I love that! Thank you for your thoughts Martha 🙂

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