The Purge

For far too long I have been getting mileage out of my many thousands of previously unused photos.

Digging into the archives, time after time, in an attempt in attempt to find an unused gem in order to carry on in my blogging endeavor.

A tiny snapshot into my (previous) iPhoto archives

No longer!

The Purge happened today.

The many thousands of unused photos (12,083, to be exact) which were tempting me to rely on old material, clogging up my iPhoto, and gumming up my computer, have now been officially disposed of. Hurled into the trash and gone forever!

That action puts me in a precarious position.

Now, if I want to keep blogging, and using my own photographs (which I do), then I am forced to get out into the world and take new photographs.

And that’s exactly where I wanted to be 😉

Can’t wait to see what The Purge inspires.


4 thoughts on “The Purge

  1. You are a brave man! I don’t really dip that often into old stuff in order to remaster it for a lack of photos, I take plenty of photos to keep me going however I am a hoarder and I am unable to take a leap of purge just in case the day comes where I might need to go back to old photo’s because I’ve ran out of new ones.

    1. Thanks Emma. It took me a while to Gather the courage to purge. Now that it’s done, though, I am feeling a whole lot better and inspired to get out and capture new stuff.

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