Only The Best Is Good Enough

I had something different in mind for today, but events outside of my control compelled me to write today’s post.

Here’s the story –

Saturday I wrote a post entitled, Not Enough As Good Enough (read it here). In that post I asked these questions –

So is not enough as good enough a fair trade for somebody’s precious and irreplaceable life? Is it the path to human fulfillment?

Imagine my astonishment when, as a part of this morning’s Hour Of Power, I read this spookily relevant passage in Orison Swett Marden’s classic book, Pushing To The Front –

I was much impressed by this motto, which I saw recently in a great establishment, “WHERE ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH.” What a life-motto this would be! How it would revolutionize civilization if everyone were to adopt it and use it; to resolve that, whatever they did only the best they could do would be good enough, would satisfy them!

Adopt this motto as yours. Hang it up in your bedroom, in your office or place of business, put it into your pocket-book, weave it into the texture of everything you do, and your life-work will be what every one’s should be—A MASTERPIECE.

Wow! Isn’t that remarkable? Aside from an audible response to my questions (which, quite honestly, would scare the livin’ **** out of me), this is as close to a direct answer as I’m likely to get.

I thought it was worth writing across the sky and sharing with you.

Only The Best

With that thought in mind, let’s you and I go forth and demand the very best from ourselves in everything we do. After all,…

only the best is good enough!

I know because I was told.

Can you see why I was I compelled to write this post today? Amazing! And not something I was willing to take lightly.


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