I Don’t Have To Do This

Recently, I went through a bout of creative burnout.

The pressure to perform – to create consistently, to gain attention, to make an impact – was getting the better of me.

So I took a little break.

In that time, I made a realization – I don’t have to do this,…



The truth is simply this –

I do this because I love it.

I do this because it fulfills me.

I do this because it feeds my soul.

I do this because I’m a light, and I want my light to shine just as brightly as possible while I am here.

I do this because animals are amazing, and deserve an advocate.

Message received!

I’m grateful to have been reminded as to why, exactly, I do what I do.

Here’s to an amazing 2022.

Let’s get after it!


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Have To Do This

  1. There are so many of us that LOVE what you do and are grateful when you share your craft and passion with the world! I look forward to each and every stunning shot! I am so glad you found your way back to it!

    1. Thanks so much Stacey, I appreciate the kind words. Moving forward, I’ll definitely be doing what I do with a focus on the right reasons. Definitely a step in the right direction, I think.

  2. Rich I love your eye for photography and your dedication to exploring and sharing your pictures with people like me that would love to be there and have the opportunity to see what you see.
    We live in Portland but love the Sequim area. Bought a motorhome this last super so we hope to spend time in your area this summer.
    I would love to buy you a cup of tea or coffee and visit for a bit.🥰

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