The Experience Behind the Photo

Behind every photo, there is an experience – a moment in time when I was there, in that moment, capturing it in photo.

That’s one of my favorite aspects of photography. Whenever I look at one of my photos, it takes me right back to that moment.

Of course, not all experiences are created equal. While I find them all valuable, some experiences are more profound than others.

This photo represents my favorite and most profound photographic experience to date, along with, probably, my personal favorite photograph (a large metal print of this photo graces my wall).

I ran into this eagle just down the road, along the Dungeness River. The eagle was largely unconcerned with my presence, and I spent well over an hour with this beautiful and amazing creature. The result was hundreds of photos, and an encounter that I will never forget.

Somewhere out there in the future, there’s an experience waiting to happen which will surpass this one (I can’t wait!). Until then, this one reigns supreme.


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