Never Again

The brilliance of tonight’s sunset
Was not what I had hoped it would be
And yet the transition took place, all the same
Without the brilliance of which I had hoped
Another day faded into the darkness of night
Then I was reminded of a simple fact
This is a one time only experience
Never (EVER!) again will it look exactly like this
Brilliance of another sort entirely
And I am here to witness it.

I am grateful!


Day 413


8 thoughts on “Never Again

  1. i think i know that exact feeling
    and you are exactly right
    each one is different
    and think about it
    it is happening all over the world all the time
    in our own little sectors
    we witness them
    yet just 25 miles away they can look completely different
    amazing wonder beyond wonders
    infinite beauty constantly everywhere
    yes, i too am grateful for each one.

    1. This is actually not a lake at all. This photo was taken at Dungeness Bay, along the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington State.

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