Baldy Framed

If you look up
There you’ll see him
Baldy framed
Within the tree limbs
Striking in beauty
Majestic in stature
A brush with greatness
Forever captured.
~ Rich ~


Day 394


8 thoughts on “Baldy Framed

      1. and Im sure that is why this keeps happening for you! your positive energy that being grateful generates has got to have something to do with all of these amazing once in a lifetime happenings! but for you its more of a once in a daytime happening! hahaa! Im in awe and hope you never tire of my excitement over it I just can not even help myself!

      2. “Once in a daytime,” I love that! Keep that excitement coming Maureen, that’s one of the big reasons why I do this.

      3. Oh yes Rich if you keep posting these photos along with your writing dont you worry my excitement will keep on comin’ for sure! 🙂

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