Why not me?!

In the wake of the bald eagle being unconscionably shot and killed in my area (see yesterday’s post), I feel the call to become an advocate on their behalf.

If you read this blog on any regularity, you know that I have a deep love and passion for these beautiful birds.

With that in mind, moving forward, I have decided to devote a major portion of my photographic efforts to showcasing the astonishing beauty of these magnificent animals, even more than I already have.

It will require a significant upgrade in ability and gear, but damn, somebody has to do it!

Perhaps, at least in my hopeful (and perhaps naive) mind, the awe-inspiring sight of such wonderful beauty will soften the heart of someone who might otherwise do them harm.

If I can save one bald eagle from a similar dark fate, it will be a success.

Baldy Flies Away

Why not me?

Day 375


9 thoughts on “Why not me?!

  1. Wonderful photo. Disgusting person. We monitor our property with wildlife cams to catch anyone who thinks they can hunt on our property. We’ve had the wires cut a few times, so we move them and hide them.

    1. Sadly, that’s what has to be done in a world that people gain joy from the sordid act of killing. Thank you Cindy.

  2. Rich, maybe consider selling prints and donating a percentage to wildlife conservation. I’m sure there’s a foundation for just Eagles. Your photos are so amazing and a beautiful tribute to our glorious bird!!

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