#project365 / Day 353 / The One Thing

This has been an awful year!

Loss and grief, pain and anger, misfortune and misery – they have all reared their ugly heads at different times throughout this year.

And, so it seems, the hits just keep on coming.

The one thing that has kept me from sinking into despair, and always looking for something beautiful, even in the midst of encroaching darkness, is this 365 day photo project.

It saved me again today.


Thank God for it!

Day 353


8 thoughts on “#project365 / Day 353 / The One Thing

    1. My photography will see me through. Just the act of purposefully looking for beauty each day is a powerful therapy. Thanks for the kind words Maureen.

      1. You are welcome Rich. looking for beauty each day its like its own adventure i bet! Then once you find it oh my goodness! its got to be an awesome high! 🙂

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