#project365 / Day 293 / Thursday Baldy

Thursday Baldy

Day 293


5 thoughts on “#project365 / Day 293 / Thursday Baldy

      1. i wonder Rich do you ever get nervous being so close? I mean i dont scare easy but still thats a big bird! haha!

      2. No, these birds are no danger to humans. In fact, they are quite timid when it comes to people. For me it is an absolute thrill and an honor to be in the presence of such a magnificent animal.

      3. I believe you! I feel that way for you! just looking at our photos i think omg how awesome this must be for him! I really did not know they were timid so really you must give off a good vibe for them to let you in like they do! i get over excited when it comes to animals my daughter teases me all of the time. i cant help myself im just in awe of nature! you have the best job!

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