#project365 / Day 118 (x2) / The Search

Load up the gear, load up the dog, and head out into the world in search of a photograph. Oftentimes with no clear idea of what I am actually looking to capture.

I may not always know what I am searching for, but I always know when I find it (and it’s amazing how, almost without fail, an interesting subject will present itself).

There is something I find so incredibly thrilling in this endeavor, which I had never had prior to photography. It’s addictive, and my 365 day photo challenge is only fueling that addiction.

That being said – here are a selection of additional shots from the search, this foggy morning, which I found particularly engaging.

Foggy Eagle 1Foggy Eagle 2Foggy Eagle 3Foggy HeronFoggy Goose

I love this!!

Day 118 (x2)


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