Salt Lake City – A Reflection

Let there be no doubt, my family is irrevocably, and irretrievably, tied to Salt Lake City.

The highlight of every Summer of my childhood was a family vacation to visit my Grandma in Salt Lake City

It was a long drive from So Cal to Salt Lake, but Elvis and Olivia (Newton John), on eight track tape 😉 , made it tolerable as we motored the 600 (and some odd) miles through California, Nevada, Arizona, and finally into Utah to my Grandma’s house.

Grandma's House

I still hold so many precious memories of this wonderful place (yelling to the kids across the street, playing on these very steps, skateboarding on this sidewalk,…)

Unfortunately the trip would always end too soon (I can still vividly remember crying my eyes out as my Grandmother stood on the front porch and waved goodbye, as we left for home).

(I wonder, in retrospect, how much she cried afterward)


So without a doubt, one of the highlights of my year this year was my trip to Salt Lake City. A wonderful family trip, which was long overdue, and was completely unexpected.

We payed respects to loved ones who have long ago passed (yes, my Grandma is among those) –



As for me, my only request was a journey out to the Great Salt Lake to capture a few photos (hopefully a brilliant sunset photo).

Great Salt Lake 3

And while I didn’t get the brilliant sunset photos I was after, I think I got so much more – I got a renewed passion for a place I love. I got in touch with a place that holds such a precious part of my family history, and my very own heart.

There is no doubt I will be back for that brilliant sunset photo I was after,… and perhaps so much more…

(Oh, and yes, I will own my Grandmother’s house once again!)


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