#project365 / Day 46 / Football & Photography

Football & Photography

When I was a youngster, I loved football –

I mean I LOVED football!

I ate it, I breathed it, and I slept it, and I most certainly had the poster. It was the only thing that I ever wanted to do.

I remember coming home after long tough practice, and running extra wind sprints in the back yard. I literally could not get enough.

Sadly, through an unfortunate series of events (a long story for another time), I quit playing football after my junior year in high school.

And then I began to drift,..

…and drift and drift and drift – for years and years and years – with no aim, no passion, and absolutely no purpose.

Then, through a very fortunate series of events (which I wrote about here), I discovered photography.

For the first time in my life, since quitting football so many years ago, I have gradually become every bit as passionate about photography as I ever was about football.

The drifting is finally finished, and I will never (ever!) quit this.

Day 46.


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