#project365 / Day 21 / One More Moonshot

One More Moonshot

So I was totally excited about a bunch of photos I captured of a beautiful bird at the beach this afternoon.

When I got home and looked at them, they sucked. For whatever reason (a reason I haven’t figured out just yet), the focus is just slightly off.

It’s enough to drive a photographer to drink 😉

So that’s when I looked up at the moon, thought it looked cool, and snapped some images of it.

Perfect focus!

Day 21 is done, with one more moonshot for you.


2 thoughts on “#project365 / Day 21 / One More Moonshot

  1. If the bird at the beach was in flight, most likely your problem was with your camera being set to the wrong drive mode. The normal setting for the drive would be called “one shot” on a Canon. In that mode, the auto focus locks in once each time you depress the shutter button part way (and then it takes only one picture when you press the shutter all the way down). Most of the time that is the best choice. But there are other modes called AI Focus and AI Servo (on Canon cameras). If you set the drive to AI Servo (or “Continuous” on a Nikon) then the focus keeps readjusting to follow your moving subject (as long as you are pressing the shutter button part way down). AI Servo/Continuous mode is a must with birds in flight because if the drive is one “one shot,” the fraction of a second between focusing and tripping the shutter is enough time for the bird to have moved out of the point of focus. Give it a try and I think you will be much happier with the results. Just remember to go back to the other mode when done. I hope that helps!

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