#project365 / Day 1 / Lined Up for Fall

Lined Up for Fall
Lined Up for Fall

If a person is going to be a master of anything in this life, then consistent practice and uncommon persistence is required – day in, day out, no excuses, and no exceptions!

Photography is the skill of which I want to be a master.

And it’s for that purpose alone that today I am beginning Project 365 (#project365). Here are the rules –

  • At least one photo captured and shared here for 365 consecutive days.
  • Each and every photo captured in manual-mode

At the end of #project365 I predict I will have nurtured a habit, honed formidable skills, and developed a mastery of photography that I do not possess today.

So with those thoughts in mind I embark upon an exciting adventure, with some wonderful sights certainly to be captured along the way.

Join me for this life altering journey, won’t you?

HT: Julie Christie for the inspiration.


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