Problems & Prayers

I’ve gotta tell you, for specific reasons I won’t disclose, it’s been a difficult week.

I woke up this morning feeling despondent and overwhelmed by a problem that I am currently facing in my life. Praying for answers that didn’t seem to be coming and wondering, why?

Then this morning, during my Hour of Power, I read this (highlighted in orange). It comes from Viktor Frankl‘s classic book, Man’s Search For Meaning.

The Challenge
… each situation in life represents a challenge to man and presents a problem for him to solve,…

Just a partial sentence, but ohhh what a powerful truth it contains.

Immediately my perspective was altered, my problem shrank down to size, and I felt a lot better.

The situation I am facing is just a problem to be solved –  nothing more, nothing less.

Armed with this knowledge, I am in a much more resourceful state of mind to go out, take it on, and solve the problem.

And mark my words – I will solve it!

Not only that, but I will be better on the other side for having solved it.

So it seems my prayers were answered after all.

Consider me grateful.


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