A Mid-Week Stroll on the Beach

Yesterday morning Sammy and myself took a little stroll along a local beach.

Today I thought you might like to join us in a vicarious photographic stroll, just to see a few of the sights we happened across.

Let’s go, shall we?

This relaxed dude casually soaks up the mid-week sun.

Soaking Up the Sun
Soaking Up the Sun

An old fallen log has it’s own micro-landscape going on inside it.

Micro Landscape 2
Micro Landscape

Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?


Not sure of the motivation behind this display, but it makes for an interesting sight all the same.

The Things You See
Mad Hatter

Sammy makes his own impression.

Sammy Was Here
Sammy Was Here

Just one of many seashells scattered all along the beach.

Seashell by the Seashore

And all of it, playing it’s own small role in the big picture.

A Walk Along the Beach
The Big Picture


Well that’s it. Hope you enjoyed our stroll. Thanks for joining us.

Happy Thursday wherever you are.


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