My View of the World

Can taking photos change your life?

It did mine!

Prior to the time I embarked upon my photographic journey, my view of the world was limited. I seemingly wore blinders as I moved through the world, largely oblivious to the wonders going on all around me all the time.

This morning, as I worked through the quiet time portion of my Hour of Power, I was watching a slide show of my catalog of photos. I had to marvel in humble gratitude at the wonders I have witnessed over the course of my photographic outings.Pathway to the SunThere have been sunrises, and sunsets. Quiet waters, and stormy seas. Dark clouds, and clear blue skies. There is the newly discovered tiny world of macro photography, and the big picture of brilliant landscapes. So much beauty. So much wonder. So much brilliance.

Funny that I missed it for so long.

Well the blinders have been removed, and my view of the world has expanded exponentially.

And I am only just getting started.


2 thoughts on “My View of the World

  1. Photography has helped me see things in a new way, a more powerful yet quiet way. I started taking photos after I lost my career of 20+ years to the 08′ financial melt down.Photography was an outlet for me to look outside myself. It has seen me through several jobs, 13 months of a depressed relative with borderline personality issues staying with us, the death within a span of a year of my folks and other life changing things. So I get the photos can change your life thing but I sense you know it can change others lives as well. I going look around your place a bit.

    Thanks for stopping by mine. Peace, John The Jagged Man

    1. An impressive testimony to the power of a creative outlet through photography, not to mention the effect of our work on the lives of others. Thank you so much for sharing your story John. This inspires me to work even harder.

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