A Morning Miracle

There’s just something miraculous about early morning. The world is fresh, the air is crisp, and as the sun peeks over the horizon, it seems anything is possible. And it’s a miracle that happens every morning.

Here’s what this morning’s miracle looked like –

Morning Miracle
I’ve missed far too many of these miracles.

Since leaving the dead-end job that was keeping me awake until the wee hours, I have purposefully embarked upon making the transition from “night owl,” to “early bird” (I was in bed last night by 9 and up and into an ice cold shower this morning at 5:15 ).

And I love it!

With that thought in mind – I am right here, right now, making my declaration –

I am a morning person!!!

And now that I am officially a morning person, you can expect to be seeing a whole lot more sunrise shots.

Yay morning!!!


4 thoughts on “A Morning Miracle

  1. I’m glad you are now a morning person. I thought of you this morning on my drive to work. No joke. The sun was rising, the frigid air over the Mohawk River was purple and the ice was glowing. And I said to myself, “I bet Rich could capture this beautifully!”

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