This morning I was in search of answers – wrestling with anxiety and uncertainty – praying for some kind of divine guidance.

Then, at the end of my Hour Of Power, I opened up my five minute journal, and this is what I saw –IMG_1565.PNG
And there it was. The answer. Short, simple, and concise.

The answer is that the answers are out there right now awaiting me.

But I must do my part.

And what is my part? Just this –


Get up, get out, and seek.

Seek with courage and faith.

Seek like crazy.

Seek like there’s no tomorrow.

Seek with every ounce of strength.

Seek as if my life depends on it.

Seek to surely find.

Beats the alternative –

Who does not seek shall not find.

Guess I received that divine guidance for which I asked, didn’t I?


2 thoughts on “Seek

  1. I’ve found when I ask, I receive. It may not be the answer I am looking for, the time I want it to happen in, or the exact outcome I envisioned. But, if I reflect on those times I asked, my requests were answered. Never stop seeking – crucial lesson. Stagnation gets us nowhere.

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