The Mission Remains the Same

While the purpose of my blog has changed, along with the look and the title and the mindset of the guy who puts at all together, the mission remains the same –

Add value to people.

Every photograph I share. Every word I write. It’s always with that mission in mind –

Add value to people.

The Magic StumpWhen I’m out in the world, camera in hand, in pursuit of some sort of some natural wonder – the same mission applies –

Add value to people.

When I get home and I’m sorting through the hundreds of photos I’ve captured, in search of the one or two special images that stand out from the rest – the mission is the same –

Add value to people.

When I sit down at this keyboard and search for the words that best go along with the photo I’ve chosen to share – the mission remains –

Add value to people.

Photography is the vehicle. Mother nature is the subject. You and I are the people.

And more value to us, I say.


10 thoughts on “The Mission Remains the Same

    1. It’s my honor Dee. Thank you for you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope the dreary weather clears up soon.

  1. Not only do I love your photos but I value the instructive parts too. I needed to be reminded to go outside and wait and really look to see and maybe wait some more!.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine. Photography has been the catalyst for getting me outside and noticing the wonder all around me. If I can pass that along and encourage someone else to get outside more often, then I’ve done my job.

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