I wanna ….

I wanna ….

do something I’ve never done before.
do something that makes people stand up and take notice.
do something I’m not confident I can pull off.
do something that makes the naysayers scoff at the audacity.
do something that scares the sh*t out of me.
do something that makes the timid people shudder at the thought.
do something that inspires my soul.
do something that delivers bold living color into the life of a fellow traveler.

For the Traveler's Soul
For the Traveler’s Soul

I wanna ….

do something that seems impossible.
do something that makes the “realistic” folks shake their heads in bewilderment.
do something disruptive to the status-quo.
do something that makes the haters hate even more for their own lack of doing.
do something that brings value to my life.
do something makes a measurable contribution to humanity at large.
do something epic.
do something that dings this old universe big time.

September, for better or for worse, is on it’s way out, and October is knocking at the door. Let’s do something with it (it might even be epic 😉 )

Don’t cha wanna?


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