Imagine, for a moment, you had a boat.
SeaworthyAll indicators point to your boat being thoroughly seaworthy – solidly built with no holes or leaks. Able to easily withstand the waves and swells that might arise out on the water.

But despite overwhelming evidence to it’s seaworthiness, you just don’t believe that boat will float.

Even the thought of putting that boat in the water brings visions of sinking and certain death by drowning.

With that mindset, would you ever launch that boat at all? Would you dare take that boat into deep water? Highly unlikely. It’s more likely that boat would remain securely on it’s trailer safely away from water of any kind.

So here’s the question – is a seaworthy boat you don’t believe will float any better than the non-seaworthy boat that cannot float?

Either way, the results are the same.


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