Cold Power!

My heart beats faster in anticipation of what I’m about to do.

The resistance in my head screams hysterically, “NO! You can’t be serious. This is stupid. A fools errand. It’s not going to change a thing.”

Excuses flood my mind as I momentarily delay the inevitable.

But I know the path that lies before me, and that’s exactly where I’m going.

I set the timer on my iPhone for 5 minutes.

I pull back the shower curtain and step headfirst into the icy embrace of an ice cold shower.


For a moment time stands still.

Every nerve stands on end.

My heart beats almost out of my chest as I gasp for breath.

It is cold. I mean really COLD!

Then something strange begins to happen.

Gradually, and quicker than you might imagine, my body adjusts and the cold is not so intense.

Suddenly this is fun. Exhilarating even.

Timidity, weakness, and anxiety are washed away down the drain and I am infused with a new power.

A euphoric feeling of victory takes hold.

What can stand in the way of the person who can willingly, and by his own initiative, brave the brutality of the ice cold shower?

That person is me!

Suddenly time is up and the person who steps out of the shower is not the same person who stepped in five minutes previous. I am changed.

I am unstoppable!

And I’ll do it all again tomorrow šŸ™‚

(Thank you goes out to Joel Runyon @ impossiblehq for turning me on to this powerful tool in the ongoing battle against the resistance.)


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