The Code – Exercise Extreme Responsibility

You are always in 100 percent control and have 100 percent responsibility for everything that has occurred in your life as a result of your actions or inactions. And no matter what has happened to you, you still have 100 percent responsibility for your reactions. ~ Darren Hardy

The Code

Exercise Extreme Responsibility!

Sounds scary! What does that even mean?

It means to willingly and eagerly claim responsibility for everything in my life. And I do mean everything! If I have a role in it, if I am at all involved, if my name is associated – then I claim ownership for it (at least for my role in it). Simple as that. Even those situations where it’s not my fault or my problem. Situations where I could legitimately place the burden or responsibility on to somebody else. No more passing the buck. The buck stops with me!

It means being the guy who steps up and does something while everyone else stands back and waits for somebody else to do something. It means taking ownership of my own thoughts and emotions and actions and results. It means stepping up and contributing even in a situation when nobody would reasonably expect my contribution. It means quietly, yet proactively, going about my life and leaving every person and every situation better because I was there. It means doing what’s right for no other reason than because it’s right.

What will this do for my life? How will this set me apart? What opportunities will it open up? What challenges might it create? Time will tell, but I have to think the upside is enormous compared to any possible downside. Why? Because almost nobody does this. Most people are way too busy hiding, trying to avoid responsibility, to ever consider taking extreme responsibility (Yes, I’ve been this guy).



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