The Code

Once upon a time I created something I call “The Code.” Created using my middle name (Blaine), it began as a mission statement and morphed into a code (see the original post written in 2009 included below).

The Code

A Mission Becomes A Code

A little twist in the spirit of daily improvement.

Last night I was watching an episode of a popular television series where the main character follows a specific Code. He uses his Code to guide him in his decision making process. If he is considering a course of action, he holds that action up to his Code – if it doesn’t fit, then he doesn’t move forward. To do so would violate his principles and would eventually lead to difficulty.

The idea of having a “Code” really struck me –

When you live your life by a definite and pre-determined Code, in my mind, there seems to be an innate usability. Where as a Mission, while powerful, seems somewhat abstract and distant. A Code on the other-hand, seems more intimate and usable in the moment. The principles remain the same, only they take on greater daily relevance.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea – so much so that “The Mission” has now become “The Code”.

Plus, I think it just sounds cooler – gotta follow “The Code”.

There you have it – The Code. And as it seems I’ve gotten away from these principles, some more than others, today seemed like a good day to recommit.

More to come on this throughout the week.


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