My Creative Process

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart—this you will build your life by, and this you will become.” ~ James Allen

A Bird’s Life  framed and ready for the Sequim Juried Art Show. I think it’s just beautiful.

Consider my personal creative process –

  • There’s the moment when a photo is captured.
    I remember clearly getting out of the car and seeing this seagull standing on the rocks as if he were posing. I took a picture or two of him and moved on to other shots. At this stage of the process I don’t really know if I have captured anything special. I just love being out in the natural world and soaking it in.
  • There’s the discovery of a special photo in the download process.
    Oftentimes I will take two or three hundred photos in a session, and on a good day one or two will stand out from the rest. Clearly this photo was the best of this particular day (and many a day, for that matter).
  • There’s the moment when that special photo comes to life in post production.
    The colors and specifics of the photo are brought to life and a striking image materializes. It takes my breath away every time.
  • There’s the moment when I see that printed image for the first time.
    I can’t tell you what it’s like to see an image that I am responsible for bringing into being in it’s physical form – something I can hold in my hands. It’s pure magic!
  • There’s the moment when I see the image which I am responsible for bringing into reality developed to it’s full creative potential.
    That’s what you see in the image above – framed and ready for it’s full artistic presentation. What an incredible feeling it is to have been entrusted with such a stewardship.

Bottom line – I love being an artist! This creative process, combined with a deep and ever growing appreciation of the wonderful and amazing world around me, is working to make me a better man. This I am building my life by.

What more could I ask for?!


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