Self-Help Rebellion

Note: Today’s post is a continuation from yesterday’s post (read it here).

Okay, so I’m not quitting Self-Help exactly. But I am quitting the conventional wisdom version of Self-Help that is peddled to the masses. The one that I naively subscribed to for far too long.

Here’s why –

I have puzzled endlessly at my inability to create measurable results in my life. As a student of the subject I have read the books and absorbed the material at every opportunity. I’ve written out my goals and dreams a hundred times. I have devised action plans, visualized, shouted incantations, and prayed until I am blue in the face. All in an effort to motivate myself to take the massive action necessary to achieve what I want in life. And yet, through it all, the motivation to act has largely eluded me.

No motivation + no action = no improvement!

A self-defeating equation, if ever there was one.

But here’s what modern Self-Help material almost never tells you –

Action comes first!

(Aha moment!)

I have been waiting to feel like it. I am never going to feel like it. I must act anyway.

Listen, have you ever forced yourself to do something you didn’t want to do, but once you got started you got into a flow and did much more than you had planned on doing? Maybe even enjoyed it? I think most of us have experienced this phenomenon from time to time. Well personal improvement works the very same way.

Action engages motivation and brings improvement.

That’s the equation I will be operating from as my personal Self-Help Rebellion commences.

But how can I take action if I don’t feel like it? More on that in the next post.


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