Break of Day

February 16, 2014

So I’m standing all alone on a deserted beach at break of day in pursuit of my passion.

I’m sleepy and I’m cold, but the brisk morning air refreshes my senses as I breathe it in deeply.

The world is still. Very still. The only sounds I hear are that of the gently lapping surf, and gulls as they frolic in the faint coastal breeze.

Warm golden light begins to illuminate the distant clouds by degrees. The growing radiance reflecting upon the water below as the day gardually comes into existence.

My camera clicks and clicks and clicks some more as it records the one of a kind spectacle that is a new day.

There will never again be another break of day exactly like it, and I’m grateful to bear witness.

I’m equally grateful to share a small piece of it with you. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Break of Day

  1. Lovely photographs, I’m all for lying on ones belly in the wet and mud in order to get that ‘shot’, people look at you like you’re a bit weird, but it’s worth it, as nobody else has that shot! And it gives a whole new perspective.

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