Preparation for Super-Success

Yesterday, as a one day member of the 12th Man, I was cheering on the Seattle Seahawks as they defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII (for better, or for worse, today I’m back to being a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan 😉 ).

During the postgame festivities of yesterday’s Super Bowl, I heard a story that perked up my ears –

One of the commentators spoke about how Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, after his team was eliminated in the playoffs in the previous season, went to the Super Bowl that year in New Orleans on his own to specifically watch how players prepare for the Super Bowl. He got among them and observed exactly what it is that they do to prepare for this singular experience.

Pretty audacious, right? Who does this? Who prepares for something that almost nobody, even other professional football players, ever have the opportunity to experience?

Or, just maybe, that’s the difference between those who play on the biggest stage, and those who never do.

Winners do the things that those who don’t win don’t do.

I have to wonder how many other players throughout the league were at the previous Superbowl with this same thought of future preparation in mind? How many seized upon the opportunity that was available to all of them? I don’t know, but I am willing to bet the number is surprisingly low.

What I do know is that Russell Wilson was there. He was taking his opportunity and making the most of it.

Is it any wonder that he was wonderfully prepared for yesterday’s Super Bowl? is it any wonder that in only his second year he performed like a seasoned veteran? Is it any wonder that his team now hold the title of World Champs? He had prepared for his future super-success in advance.

The good news is that what applies to elite athletes, applies to the rest of us as well.

To the prepared go the spoils!

You and I can do the things today that almost nobody else is doing in pursuit and preparation for what we want. The opportunity is there for all of us, very few will seize it.

Do something!


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