Mysterious Inspiration

Oftentimes, as I am on my way to shoot some photos, I wonder what unique wonders I am going to capture that day. What colors will be painted across the sky? How will it all reflect across the water? What is the unique texture of my little corner of the world that day? It’s never the same twice.

On a good day I will capture one or two special images that stand out among the rest.

Mysterious Inspiration

Then I wonder what words those special images are going to inspire (and they always inspire something).

Once I find those special images, I just look at them and try and go with wherever it is that they take my mind. Sometimes it happens easily, other times not so easily, but it always happens.

Where does this inspiration come from? I don’t know. That, my friends, is a mystery.

But I have to believe that I get a little bit better each time I place myself under the influence of this mysterious inspiration.


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