For Him Whom I Might Have Been

Have you ever taken the time to consider who, and what, you might have become had you made different choices in life? This morning as a part of my Hour Of Power I did exactly that –

In case you aren’t familiar with my story, here’s the condensed version –

I’m a recovering under-achiever. My early adult life was spent failing myself over and over again, living far below my potential.

Who might I have been if I had spent my early adult life living up to my potential? What if I hadn’t been so painfully timid? So consumed with fear? So intent on not standing out? So wrapped up in my own folly? What might I have achieved with a little initiative? What might I have experienced had I displayed even a small amount of courage? What would my life look like today if I had operated at the level of which I was capable?

I’ll never know whom I might have been because his time has now passed.

I humbly offer myself forgiveness for the loss of Him whom I might have been (something I’ve needed to do for a while).

Fortunately I believe that Him whom I will become is greatly increased because Him whom I might have been never came to be.

Consider this –

There are lessons learned that I never would have learned without the hardship of failure. There is strength that never would have been developed except through the fire of adversity.  There is courage that never could have been gained without wrestling the demons of fear. There is insight and knowledge that I would never have sought out had I succeeded at an early age. There are lives yet to be touched that never could have been affected without my specific life experience.

Everything that I can be, and everything I will be (which is so much more than it would have been otherwise), I gratefully do in honor of Him whom I might have been.


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