Time to Sprint?

Seth wrote this recently in his blog and it has stuck with me –

The best way to overcome your fear of creativity, brainstorming, intelligent risk taking or navigating a tricky situation might be to sprint.

When we sprint, all the internal dialogue falls away and we just go as fast as we possibly can. When you’re sprinting you don’t feel that sore knee and you don’t worry that the ground isn’t perfectly level. You just run. ~ Seth Godin

Perhaps you, like me, have been stuck in a self-defeating cycle of inactivity. Perhaps the best thing for us to do to break that cycle is to sprint. Put our heads down, go as fast as we can, and make stuff happen as quickly as humanly possible.

No time for fear. No time for worry. No time for second-guessing. There’s plenty of time for that stuff later. Just run like hell.

You can’t sprint every day but it’s probably a good idea to sprint regularly. ~ Seth Godin

Ready. Set. Go!


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