A Positive Mental Attitude?

If you are at all a consumer of personal development material, then without a doubt the term “a positive mental attitude” is something you’ve heard before. Much has been written about it over the years, but what, exactly, is a positive mental attitude?

I’ve heard more than a few people mock it, calling it living in a self-deluding state of denial. Or worse, some view it as selfish and unconcerned about the world around us. But I don’t think either of those definitions is accurate.

It’s not plastering on a phony smile and living one’s life in some self-created la-la land. It’s not putting our heads in the sand and pretending everything is awesome. Everything is not awesome. Bad stuff happens in the world every minute of every day. Our society is on a moral and ethical decline of epic proportions. This is true. Deal with it.

At the same time,  while we all need to be aware of the strife and turmoil going on in the world, I don’t think habitually filling our minds with nothing but strife and turmoil every minute of every day is a good idea either. Some may call it being realistic, I call it pure self-defeating sadism.

Here’s a secret –  good stuff happens every minute of every day as well. There are people out there all over the planet doing amazing work for the betterment of humanity. Sadly that doesn’t often grab headlines or sell advertising space. Is it being unrealistic to look at both sides of the issue? I think not.

I think a positive mental attitude is simply this – choosing an optimistic, problem solving, mindset regardless of the circumstances. Yes, we look at the world as it is – good, bad, and otherwise – but we don’t allow ourselves to become defeated and downcast by it. Instead we see that adversity is the seedling of opportunity.

How do we develop a positive mental attitude?

By purposefully filling our minds with uplifting and inspiring material each and every day. We step away from the endless barrage of bad news for an hour or so each day (perhaps first thing every morning?) and filling our minds with the most powerful thoughts and words ever bestowed on humanity. On that solid foundation we gain the strength to approach an increasingly dark and negative world effectively

A positive mental attitude is not selfish or delusional. Turns out it’s quite the opposite, in fact.


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